Chamfer king _ Y.T. indexable countersink


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Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN Chamfer king _ Y.T. indexable countersink Introduction

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Chamfer king _ Y.T. indexable countersink

How carbide insert works well in manual drilling machine?
Check this interesting patent, we call it " CHAMFER KING"! An innovative design of indexable countersink which achieve excellent tool life and surface finishing in mannual drilling machine.
Y.T. indexable countersink provides an economic solution for customers:
1. one single carbide insert has 2 cutting edges, you just need to simply change the insert from the shank without taking the whole HSS countersink from the machine.
2. German coating with carbide insert provides you excellent tool-life, reduce the tool changing time.
3. Universal carbide grade can be used for all different materials, ex: stainless steel, steel, steel, harden steel, aluminum, cast iron, titanium, Inconel
4. Full range of indexbale countersink: 60/ 90/ 120 degree, dia. 4-110mm, also available in morse taper shank type