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  • Hat Y.T. ein Werkzeug zur Herstellung einer T-Nut bei Werkstückmaterial mit HRC > 40?

    Y.T. has B100 special grade carbide insert, which is made of combination of rare material metal powder. We usually recommend this grade insert for customers using high HRC material, difficult machining material as well as customers expecting longer insert-life.Y.T. T-slot has standard stock starting from diameter 10mm and thickness 0.5mm to suit all customer requirements. Our new UFO 2 design cutter has minimum 10mm with 4 teeth. Small diameter with highest number of teeth is the best choice for machining with high efficiency.

  • Was ist der Unterschied der 2 Schlitzfräser im Katalog?

    The main difference between SC and SCL cutter is that SCL has a holder BLL to use on the face milling arbor. Since the face milling arbor diameter is thick and short, it will provide better stability and tool-life.If the machining condition does not require using side-milling arbor, we recommend smaller diameter side milling cutter, because the diameter of the side milling arbor is small and long overhang resulting in high instability and higher horse power requirement while making deeper machining.

  • Wie wird der Einsatz ohne Verschraubung in das Sägeblatt eingesetzt?

    Y.T has a special key through which you can lock the insert into the saw blade.

Ergebnis 1 - 3 von 3