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Indexable Counter Bore / Y.T. has been dedicated to development of new product design and increase product competitiveness.


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40 Years Counter Bore | Indexable Milling Cutters Manufacturer | Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN

Based in Taiwan, YIH TROUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1977, is a Counter Bore | indexable cutting tool manufacturer that has over 4500 standard indexable cutters and 30 patented designs. Focusing on developing highly efficient Indexable Tools to reduce cost and reach maximum productivity.

Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN is the only company in Taiwan to manufacture indexable shank holder together with unique core technology for carbide insert sintering and grinding. Precision slotting, slitting and cutting tools, including indexable saw blades, side and milling cutters and transformer t-slot cutters.

Y.T. has been focusing on developing indexable cutting tools to meet the challenges of machining industry to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Y.T. indexable tools have been developed to enhance the performance of the machine to help the manufacturer's production competitiveness. With easy to clean, heat resistance and high quality indexable high speed cutter and indexable taps, in addition to 40 years of experience, Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN ensures each customer's demands are met.

Counter Bore

Indexable Counter Bore
Indexable Counter Bore

YIH TROUN developed indexable counter bore with indexbale carbide insert design reduces not only the tool cost by having 4 edges on the insert but meanwhile it increases the machining efficiency by the great performance from carbide insert. All series counter bores are:
1. Exclusively used in Drilling Machine: CBK / HBM Series
2. Exclusively used in CNC Machine: CBI Series

Counter bore CBK which is exclusively used for drilling machine uses patented carbide stripe of YIH TROUN. It solves the issue which front guiding head is easily worn out due to collision inside of hole during machining process. The strength of holder made of pre-harden steel grade is even better and the holder is also equipped with screws as well as wrench imported from Swiss. It comprehensively raises cutting tool and insert life

Indexable Counter Bore-CBK CBI CBK
Indexable Counter Bore-CBK Chamfer

Indexable carbide insert design is not only easy for replacement, but also has better life and machining performance. Fully grinded insert of E grade has not only smaller tolerance, but four cutting edges available on inserts can also reduce your tool cost and raise your order success rate. Inserts SDET06 and SDET09 have respectively two different carbide grades for machining of material such as steel / stainless steel / super alloy / cast iron, etc.
Indexable Counter Bore-SDET Insert
Fully Grinded Carbide Insert SDET

Cutting tool design follows international standard DIN373, from minimal screw counterbore dimension M8 to maximal M36. In addition to standard screw dimension, there are also bigger screw sizes available.

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