BIEMH 2018

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Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN BIEMH 2018 Introduction

YIH TROUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Machine Tools Industry. Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN has been offering our customers high quality T Slot Cutter, Center Drill, Saw Blade, Side Milling Cutter, Chamfer, Tap, Disc Milling Cutter, Spot Drill, Thread Milling Cutter, Counter Bore since 1977. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

BIEMH 2018

2018/05/28 Y.T.

Welcome you to come and visit us to know our innovative products.

The exhibition, that in 2018 is to be presented under the title “BE IN, BIEMH” will focus on issues such as Industry 4.0, innovation, internationalisation, systems integration and productive intelligence with the clear goal of bringing business models closer to strategic sectors of the economy.The participation of some of the world´s leading machine tool companies has made BIEMH one of Europe´s most outstanding exhibitions in this particular speciality.

BIEMH 2018

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  • Exhibition time: May 28 - June 1, 2018
  • Location:Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Barakaldo