UFO Chamfer Cutter

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Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN UFO Chamfer Cutter | Indexable Cutting Tools Supply

Based in Taiwan, YIH TROUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is an indexable cutting tool | UFO Chamfer Cutter manufacturer since 1977.

Total industrial hole making tools such as indexable taps and counter bores. Precision slotting, slitting and cutting tools including indexable saw blades, side and milling cutters and transformer t-slot cutters.

Y.T. has been focusing on developing indexable cutting tools to meet the challenges of machining industry to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Y.T. indexable tools have been developed to enhance the performance of the machine to help the manufacturer's production competitiveness.

With easy to clean, heat resistance and high quality indexable high speed cutter and indexable taps, in addition to 40 years of experience, Y.T. / YT / YIH TROUN makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

UFO Chamfer Cutter

Insert diameter available in Ø 12, Ø 15, with 30°, 40° angles. Applicable for front and back chamfering. Higher efficiency achieved with 4 teeth.


  • The patented design center insert position boosts insert tool-life and machining precision.


  • Available Diameters: 12 - 15 mm (Efficient 4 teeth)
  • Available Angles: 30°, 45°
  • Applicable for both front and back chamfering in one process.

UFO Chamfer Cutter

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